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  • Tanya Wragg

So what should your real estate images do?

The same thing images do for the advertisers spending so much money to get your attention. They should reflect your brand, your image, and what you're selling. Not just the home, but also the lifestyle, the exclusivity, the emotion. Do your images say, "this is a house with a nice kitchen" or does it create a response? Does it make someone say, "This is the house I want to live in." 92% of homebuyers are on the Internet looking for their next home. Your images, set apart from the others, should stop them in their tracks and create interest, then desire. Which of these images are more likely to do that? An image like the first one or second one below!!

An Eye For Detail

Many vendors comment on the quality of the photographs that I provide, comparing them to the images that were supplied when they first bought their home. Whilst high spec camera equipment plays a part in the results I achieve, it is more about composition, lighting and most importantly an eye for detail.

I believe that every property brought to the market irrespective of size or price should be showcased to its full potential like the last image above.



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